Dough Batching System


Designed primarily to autmate the batching of loaf dough into the baking trays at a large bakery, the system controls teh speed of the dough dividers, the feed conveyors and the position of the baking trays to ensure the correct location of the pre mixed dough in the trays prior to baking.


The desired production speed is maintained by use of a PID control loop controlling the divider motors and feed conveyor speeds. The positioning of the trays is achieved using 2 high speed servo driven conveyors which grip the trays and moves to the next empty compartment within 0.4 seconds. The system is capable of batching dough at a rate of greater than two per second.


Using Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) PLC, Inverters and Servo Drives, the PLC software was written using RS Logix. A PanelView HMI was used for the operator interface.


Zylogix designed and built the control panel, wrote the software (PLC, motion control & HMI screens) and installed/commissioned the system on-site.